An Unexpected Medium.
Glen's Crayon Art
Glen's Crayon Art
Glen's Crayon Art
Glen's Crayon Art


Welcome to Glen’s Crayon Art

I love to draw and create paintings with the very same wax Crayola™ 64 crayons we used as kids. My goal is to create fine art using only these wax crayons and paper.

I call it painting with crayons or crayon art.

It seemed insulting enough to be told that I had to use crayon, instead of oil paint, when I was ten. Then, the unthinkable! The teacher broke all of the crayons in my brand new box of Crayola 64, and dumped them into the shoebox that I was told to bring. She taught us all about mixing color just like a pallet of oils.

She said, "You can make crayons look like oil paint if you work at it"…and I am still working at it. I did oil paint, and then moved on to 40 years of serious photography. I dreamed and planned for a life filled with photographic images…

but wait…What about crayons? What if I tried to take those cumbersome crayons to a “fine art” level? It would be kind of unexpected; don’t you think?

Featured Work

Tack Room Sanctuary Print

Tack Room Sanctuary

Just the quiet kerosene lantern for company after a long day. "I want to enjoy my down-time before I have to get up again."

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My Box of Tools

Toolbox Self-Portrait

Blue Goose

If you would like to see some of this art, please come see us
at the The Blue Goose Gallery of Artists in Chester, CA.